Dalit Bandhu

Eradication of poverty remains a challenge in economic development. People belonging to the scheduled castes are the most downtrodden, depressed sections lying at the bottom line of the indian society. The most inhuman of practice ‘untouchability’ was historically the root cause of this deplorable state that this section of people find themselves in. The backwardness is not just economic as it is social too. Recognising the grave injustice that has been meted out to these sections of the society over centuries, Government of Telangana, has decided to come up with a revolutionary intervention which will propel the scheduled caste families into economic development in a big way thereby ensuring social dignity .

As a part of multi-pronged approach, in addition to existing entitlements like food security, education and social security, a different strategy with a new initiative "Telangana Dalit Bandhu" is introduced to intensify the level of financial assistance to SC households for establishment of suitable income generating economic support schemes as the delivery of credit by banks in the form of loans has become a constraint.

One time capital assistance of Rs.10 lakhs per SC family is provided for all SC families as 100% grant / subsidy to establish a suitable income generating schemes as per their choice (without bank loan linkage).